Kit Builder Manual Pricing

Welcome to the Kit Builder Manual!

This section is still under construction. Information may not be completely validated, and we’re counting on you to point out the discrepancies and provide pictures as you go.

If you have purchased a quick-build kit from Bearhawk Aircraft (also known as Avipro) your access to the manual is included with your kit. Click on the “Sign Up” link below, and on the next page, select the “I own a quick build kit” payment method.

If you have not purchased a quick-build kit (perhaps you are entirely scratch building, or you have purchased any number of factory-made parts to expedite your project), the manual still provides useful information. It is oriented towards kit building, but you’ll likely find good value in the information it provides. Access is available for purchase, beginning at an introductory price until the manual is more complete. If you purchase access today, you’ll have access to new material as it is added, for no additional cost.

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Kit Builder Manual