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This site is intended to become a central location for Bearhawk information. Some of the information on this site is available for no charge. Content from past issues of Beartracks newsletters is available for Beartracks subscribers. If are not a past Beartracks subscriber and would like to have access, you can purchase access here. First, decide if you’d like to have automatic renewal, where your payment method will be billed automatically for future years of Beartracks subscriptions, until you take action to cancel.

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The newsletter has been in publication since 1995, long before the Bearhawk Patrol and Bearhawk LSA were available. Those early years have plenty of good general information that applies to all of Bob’s designs, but the type-specific content came later. The first consequential content for the Bearhawk Patrol started in 2009, with the Bearhawk LSA in 2012. Most builders will find value in the general content starting in 1995.

There is no need to pay here if you have already paid for the content somewhere else. For example, if you were a subscriber or purchased back issues for 2008 at some point in the past (through or Bearhawk Aircraft), and you’d like to have access to content from 2008 on this site, there is no need to pay again. You can select the “I’ve already paid” payment method, and wait a day or two. If that isn’t convenient, just contact us for a personalized solution. The goal is to make it easy to get the information, so that you can focus on building a fantastic airplane.

Ownership of Beartracks access is intended to transfer with the plans. If you purchase plans, a project, or a flying airplane second hand, and the seller agrees to transfer his access to you, please let us know so that you don’t end up paying twice.

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This content is available to anyone who owns a set of plans for the Bearhawk, Bearhawk Patrol, and/or Bearhawk LSA.