2000 Engineering Notice Concerning Horizontal Stab/Elevator Outboard Trim Location (453 and below)

Source: 2000 Beartracks, Bob Barrows

The following Engineering Notice is Non-Mandatory. Applies to the horizontal stabilizer/elevator outboard hinge location. Drawing #20 plans serial #453 and below.

I have moved the outboard hinge to a new location 4 inches out towards the tip on drawing #20. This change is not required if you have finished fabricating your horizontal stabilizer.

Elevator spar stress levels and stiffness are improved with this running change, also the overhung ratio is more closely matched to the rudder. Upper tail wires will increase in length by 3 1/2" and lower tail wires will increase in length by 3 3/4".

Both of my Bearhawks have the original location and I do not plan to rework the tail feathers to make this change. I have had no indications of a problem to date. This change only improves the design.

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