Daryl Rhodes Flies his New Bearhawk LSA N367G

Source: 2019 Q4 Beartracks

Building a homebuilt airplane is always a large achievement. Daryl built his new LSA in 2.5 years, without a kit! Well, it really took two years of construction, but it took a little while to get all of the paperwork and such done. He used the Stewart covering process, and a “little bit modified” Continental C-90. Empty weight came to

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Patrol and LSA Takeoff and Landing Tests

Source: 2015 Q2 Beartracks, Bob Barrows
15q2nBob has been testing several different propellers on his Patrol and LSA prototypes. Here are the results of his favorites. For these tests the LSA was running a McCauley metal prop, and the Patrol was running a Hartzell Trailblazer prop. Mark Goldberg has just installed the same prop on his Bearhawk Patrol. Contact Mark to ask about special OEM pricing for orders through Bearhawk Aircraft.


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